Yun toh pehly bhi huye us se kayi baar judaa..

Yun toh pehly bhi huye us se kayi baar judaa,
laikin ab ke nazar aaty hen kuch aasar judaa..

Gar hamen sood o ziyaaan hy toh theher jaa ae jaan,
ke isi morr pe yaaron se huey yaar juda..

Do ghari us se raho door toh yun lagta hy,
jaise deewar se ho saaya e deewar judaa..

yeh judaayi ki ghari hy ke jhari saawan ki,
men judaa giryaan kinaan abr judaa yaar juda..



Emily L. Hauser - In My Head

This week the US lost an apparently highly skilled and much-loved diplomat to the vagaries of violent extremism and a weak central government, and, possibly, the failure of the Foreign Service to adequately protect its Ambassador in the face of terrible upheaval (including “a string of assassinations [in Benghazi] as well as attacks on international missions”).

The Libyan people responded to this horrific turn of events in a genuinely moving way, many spontaneously demonstrating in support of the United States and expressing their sorrow over Ambassador Chris Stevens’s murder. Signs read “Thugs and killers don’t represent Benghazi or Islam” and “USA: We are sorry. We are sad.” and “Sorry people of America this is not the behavior of our Islam & Prophet.”  Words of condolence and statements of grief came pouring out, from the government to journalists to folks on Twitter and Facebook — these Libyans share our loss, and…

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