Questions, unanswered – Musarat Ali

There is a life out there, somewhere, calling us. Us, the human race.

Long ago, billions of years ago, when earth had no life. When sun shun bright, brighter than it is today. When the black matter was silent, sucking stars, sucking life but silent.

Something happened. It happened on Mars.

Mars, as we know it now was different then. There was a life there. Exactly as it is on earth today. It had controlled atmosphere so water could be in its liquid form. It had soil, lush green valleys, snowy mountains and roaring rivers. There was a life there and we know it now.

Titan, one of the 62 moons of Saturn reportedly has a controlled atmosphere and scientists in Nasa have got the proofs of liquid water there. Present. It is in our solar system.

There are billions of solar systems in our galaxy and there are billions of galaxies in a Universe.

We know it now.

So are we alone? among mega-trillions of planets? Are we?

Answer is no. We can’t be alone.

Religion doesn’t answer that. No religion has ever talked about it. And yet, we all have a faith. A common faith about The Creator.

When I was a kid, in my village, I was told to offer prayer and keep God happy. I did so. The mosque where I used to go for prayer belonged to Sunni Muslims. My family is all Shia Muslims. I was confused then. There was a battle between wrong and right inside me. That battle lead me to study about my religion, my Prophet, our faith, beliefs, social responsibilities and more specially our own being.

That study lead me to even more confusion. More and more ‘unanswerable’ questions kept coming in mind. And ‘unanswerable’ questions are still unanswered. I was told that my mind has less gravity to understand these ‘mysteries’.

That battle is mature now. It now has more complex questions than right versus wrong.

All ‘unanswerable’.

It is painful to be answered, isn’t it?

And now I can feel the pain of our scientists who battle day in and out to find more, to know more and justify something that can answer the questions they have. The question “Are we alone in this Universe” is one of them that needs proof, not a conspiracy.

Best is yet to come. Because hope is a good thing, perhaps the best of things. And no good thing ever dies.



One thought on “Questions, unanswered – Musarat Ali

  1. Muhammad Usama Malik says:

    nice thoughts. but this world is not enough for you ? and how about the universe..one universe is not enough for you to explore?

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