The more complex of a reason – Musarat Ali

How complex, contagious and self-repelling is the reason. Facts justify it. Beliefs defy it. And we ignore it.

Why one’s faith has not to be based on reason. Why it’s always blind. Theoretically, reason can’t be denied. Yes, at any moment of time. It adds more and more objections on every illogical thing with time. Knowledge is perhaps its best associate.

How difficult it becomes sometime to answer the “why” question. Why is it so difficult to understand Him. It’s equally simple if you pull the shutters of your thinking mind. Betray it. And send a message to your heart, yes, He exists and is listening to me. Me?

I always have a dream, since my college days where I studied chemistry. I loved that subject. I was very focused to its details since it involves creativity. In my dream, I somehow miss the classes of that subject and wander around, worried, thinking how would I pass my exam.

If I synchronise my dream with our daily life. It becomes the most common message that we find in our society. Your life is a test. If you fail, you are going to hell for sure. And if you pass, you must attend every class, you will go to heaven and dance with 70 Hooris!

It seems as unreal as dream, isn’t. Reason, oh well, should better close its senses before hearing it.

But He, Who is the Creator of all, is above all reasons. His message to us is very simple. Be nice, helping, caring, curious for knowledge, peaceful, disciplined and obeying. I think that’s it. Such a senseful and instructive message is distorted by our own people with all kinds of shit imaginable. It can only be called shit. I don’t know any other word that defines the actions of such people so accurately.

In our daily lives, if we could only start thinking even for once about the reason and actual purpose of our actions, we can easily justify and segregate the wrong ones from right. The improvement of a single individual shall spread to the whole society in the long run.

Like Ali Ibn e Abi Talib said “Neither Jews nor Christians, our greatest enemy is our ignorance”. Our fight with our own selves shall prove more purposeful than fighting with people of other religions. In common we are humans, we breath alike, we feel alike. Respecting humanity and dignifying it with our true spirit is perhaps the solution to most of the problems that we have created ourselves.


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