Charms on Me..

I thought today of writing something about the evolution of humans turning to restless monsters but then I thought not to spoil my beautiful blog 🙂

Actually, all day today I was listening and reading to the poetry of Shah Abdul Latif, a veteran Sufi saint, Sindhi Laurette and philosopher. Apart from his Sufi teachings, his theology on human science and the understanding of nature and The Creator itself has so much impact on Sindhi literature that people in Sindh bow on his grave. He is widely known as the father of Sindhi literature.

His words have soothing harmony and complex understanding. His way of storytelling was incredible. He did it so beautifully that even the words that he chose for evil characters were dark in nature.

I have a condition. Quite serious indeed. Whenever I hear or read poetry in which words are carefully selected to shape a perfect harmony and philosophic meaning, I just can’t forget them. They reside in my brain for a very long time. I seriously feel the words are speaking to me. Very loudly.

Since morning, I’m in a grasp of a line of Shah latif.

Haq haqqeqi hekro, Boli bee’a men bhall’i

Which means, the Truth is One, Doesn’t matter what’s his name in any language.

This grasp can only be treated with an other one. There is no ending of it. I was under the charm of another line of words from Faiz before:

Chashm e Namm, Jaan e Shooreeda kaafi nahin,
Tohmat e ishq posheeda kaafi nahin,
Aaj bazaar men paab’ajolaan chalo..

Which means, tears in your eyes nor your grieved life are enough, a layered allegation of love is also not enough. Today you’ve got to roll on your knees and pass the crowd.

When these words mix with classical raags, their instinct on me becomes even worse. A complete silence takes over me. Unwillingly.

Listen to this one:

I don’t need any medication or treatment from them. These are perhaps my medication to help me get rid of evils of this world. And stay positive. Perhaps.


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