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I heard a cry, shallow but painful in the dark inflicting after hours. I knew who that was. I could sense its pain running through my veins.

But I ignored.

Back to the digital bright blue screen of my laptop, keeping a pace with the busy life as it had become. Then I heard something falling. As if you hang pictures on a wall and they fall all of a sudden. I knew what had happened. I knew I was at fault.

But I ignored.

Perhaps I have been hearing this squeaking and scratching sounds for several months but I kept ignoring. Sometimes you need more courage to face your past then just a long stare back at it.

I heard it called my name now.

Called me as someone had put a poisoned knife through its throat. Shallow but deeply painful. I couldn’t ignore. And I went to look. It peeked through a page then shut the book with force. With such a force that some words fall onto my feet as if dry leaves fall off a tree. I picked those words up and kept them aside. I felt their anger. As, I remember writing some of those words. Inked them on paper and then bind them in a book. They formed the most beautiful memories I’ve ever had. How could I forget them?

I had a very deep connection with the characters I built, all of them. No matter if they were evil, good, machines, animals or humans. But, I have lived each of them. Perhaps they left a part of themselves in me. They call me if I stay out of touch for long.

Perhaps I need to rekindle my relationship with them. Give them some new friends. Some new places. Some exciting plots. Some life.

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