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When the silence enfolds me..

Out in the ocean, there is an island. Where dreams live. And in those dreams, hundreds of memories, thousands of conversations and millions of thoughts survive. They cherish the moments of happiness and live the eternal life. Life that is far beyond the laws, rules, norms, values and culture. There lives a single race. They speak a common language. The language of love.

There is no racism there. No gender inequality. No religion. No faith. No war. No crime. No time. No space.

When the silence enfolds me, I go there sometimes. To live my dream. To sense the purity within me. But I see there Him only. Him, the One. The eternal. Smiling.

Out in the space, where there is vacuum. Where there is dark matter. That no one can see. But He. The Creator.

When the silence enfolds me, I bow down to Him. And say You’re the greatest. He tells me then, to look within, there you’ll find me.

That island is inside me. I am the ocean.


Something New – The Weekly Buzz

I am really thinking to start a new series of blogs, apart from the ones I usually post, to highlight some of the important/interesting things I do throughout the week. Am calling it the Weekly Buzz. 

I’ll most definitely include things that interest to me, that would include (but not limited to, you never know) new discoveries in Physics, Chemistry, Cosmology, Astrophysics, nanotechnology, books, movies, food and music reviews and some of the craziest moments happen in the news. Yes too much, but I’ll try to be precise, impossible sometimes. 

Actually, I wanted to start a separate blog on Cosmology, Interstellar space, astrophysics and mathematics but the usual equations that I use to derive to prove what’s possible does not seem to be written though the keyboard I have in my Notebook, seriously thinking to change it, need suggestions. 

Well, if you live in a Middle-Eastern Arab country, you are sure to start your week by Saturday or Sunday. I live in Dubai where usually the ‘normal residents’ don’t do much except for hunting for good food options and wandering around huge shopping malls with an option to watch movies. Dubai is perhaps the most unnatural place on earth. How much of sand and light can you really see on daily basis? Anyway..


I started my week by watching a stupid movie, G. I. Joe: Retaliation, didn’t really wanted to Watch it but didn’t have much of choice either. I went to that movie only to see Bruce Willis starring in it. And to my disappointment, he was merely on screen for 15 minutes – Why on earth would he sign that movie for. Am not a big fan of action movies except for the ones starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis – Haven’t missed a single movie of both, even watched the most pathetic ones, say Hercules for example, double bother. G. I. Joe: Retaliation was seriously an utter disappointment. Highly ridiculous story, pathetic screenwriting and horrible acting. However, the action sequences were brilliantly picturised, specially the mountain fighting scene. Not worth watching in Cinema, specially in 2D. Nothing more to say, as it has nothing much to offer. My rating 4/10. Perhaps I like more narrative movies!

Bought a new Book “Indian Summer” by Alex Von Tunzelmann, it includes facts about the love affair of Nehru and Lady Mountbatten, still to read. Also I was gifted “A Brief History of Time – Stephen Hawkings” by a lovely and trusted friend who new how desperately I wanted to have my personal copy of that book. I finished reading it almost 12 years before but never had my own copy. A big big thanks to her. Here are the pictures of covers for both of the books.



Physicists at CERN, well the most excited and exhausted ones, have made a brilliant discovery. The discovery that had made even the physicists like Mr. Hawkings worried. Discovery was of the Evidence of Dark matter. Here is the link to read briefly what was discovered and what the dark matter is actully: 


On Thursday, I had promised Mum to take her out. She loves eating at Gazebo, and specially the one at Mirdif City Centre. Well, am currently on a diet of “700caloriesAday” so couldn’t really ate a good amount but Mum really enjoyed. They have their own way of serving Briyanis as you can see in the pic below:



Yes its really a Briyani covered by a wheat topping, a typical desi paratha. Didn’t miss it 🙂 

A new week tomorrow, with new hopes off course. Have some restructuring to do at work, need to broaden my trust on someone, lets see how it proves.

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Ta ta, till the next Friday.