Separate were we,

With the distances of our fate,

Sealed were our lips, hands tied,

Tearful were the words that never came out.


And this time,

Snatched all that it could physically,

Though couldn’t harm the jewels that were kept, as memories in our hearts..


And this love,

Flourished each time I remembered you,

Blossomed each time with the thought of your smile and the softness of your lips.


Rage – Musarat Ali

ImageThere are days when I mask myself into rage, out of pain. A constant pain. Of your wait. Of your surrounding. Of your aroma. Of your delicacy. Of your beauty.

In those days, I turn to oceans. Look at them with naked eyes. And grow a feeling of you holding my hand. Those oceans then rage into my eyes. My troubled eyes. My awaiting eyes.

And then those questions, those unanswerable questions. I drown in them. Carrying my own fault. With my own luck and your very soul. The depth grows every second till I touch the soil. And become a star. A dying star.


Gham e Ulfat

Kuch aur bhi tere waady thy,
Kuch aur hi teri qasmen theen,
Kuch aur bhi tere qissay thy,
Kuch aur hi teri baaten theen,

Un waadon men jo ranjish thi,
Un qasmon men jo ansoo thy,
Woh saary qissay ishq ke thy,
Woh saari pyar ki baaten theen,

Lo chor chaly hum wadon ko,
Lo torr chaly un qasmon ko,
Woh rog bhi hum ny laa hi liya,
Jo paath tum hi parhaati theen,

Iss jog jagat ki baaten kya,
Kya afsaany kya parwaany,
Kya tum ko haal bataaein ab,
Kya hum ny jot jagayi thi..

Jo likha tha woh bech diya,
Jo chaha tha woh paa hi liya,
Har ek qadam pe tum hi magar,
Iss dil ko bohut yaad aati thi..

Har shy ka badal mil sakta hy,
Har daaman pur ho sakta hy,

Bas ek kami reh jaati hy,
Jab yaad tumhari aati hy,
Har saans pe bhaari hoti hy,
Har nabz pe taari hoti hy..

Woh waady qasmen qisson men,
Pyaary toh bohut lagty hen magar,
Iss dil men hamesha chubhty hen,
Ban aansu aankh men rehty hen..



Solitary, hope & you.


In the late afternoons, when the yellows of the sunlight turns orange. When the venoms of loneliness baste the walls of my home. Far… beyond the skies, your shadow glows and dims. Far… beyond your shadow, there is a fog of my hope. Hope, that glows and dims. 

Now, that hope has turned grotesque. It’s dress has been befouled. It’s face has scars.

Or perhaps, it is about to die. It is about to betray me. And leave me in Solitary.

In the loneliness, that dark, afflictive loneliness. Another hope scares me. It scares me with its love. And makes way into my heart. Perhaps, I’ve forgotten to love.

In the loneliness, and in its venom  That old, unattractive hope distracts me. Confuses me. And the new hope fights for it’s survival, fights for my attention, fights to be owned. But it might betray. It might ruin my heart with it’s beauty and perfection. It may shrink the shroud of my honesty.

Or perhaps I don’t understand it clearly. Perhaps I underestimate it. Underestimate it’s significance. Undermine its power. Undervalue its love.

All these thoughts and many fill me up. Ask me someday and I’ll tell you about those. Ask me someday and I’ll tell you about my new hope.

Someday, should it ever come.

Poetry, Random

When the silence enfolds me..

Out in the ocean, there is an island. Where dreams live. And in those dreams, hundreds of memories, thousands of conversations and millions of thoughts survive. They cherish the moments of happiness and live the eternal life. Life that is far beyond the laws, rules, norms, values and culture. There lives a single race. They speak a common language. The language of love.

There is no racism there. No gender inequality. No religion. No faith. No war. No crime. No time. No space.

When the silence enfolds me, I go there sometimes. To live my dream. To sense the purity within me. But I see there Him only. Him, the One. The eternal. Smiling.

Out in the space, where there is vacuum. Where there is dark matter. That no one can see. But He. The Creator.

When the silence enfolds me, I bow down to Him. And say You’re the greatest. He tells me then, to look within, there you’ll find me.

That island is inside me. I am the ocean.


Ranjish Hi Sahi

Ranjish hi sahi dil hi dukhaany keliye aa,
Aa phir se mujhe chorr ke jaany ke liye aa..

Pehly se maraasim na sahi phir bhi kabhi toh,
Rasm o rah e dunya hi nibhaany keliye aa..

Kis kis ko bataaein ge judaayi ka sabab hum,
Tu mujhse khafaa hy toh zamaany keliye aa..

Kuch toh mere pindaar e mohabbat ka bharam rakh,
Tu bhi toh kabhi mujhko manaany keliye aa..

Ik umr se hoon lazzat e giryaan se bhi mehroom,
Ae raahat e jaan mujhko rulaany keliye aa..

Ab tak dil e khush fehim ko hen tujh se umeeden,
Yeh aakhri shammen bhi bujhaany jeliye aa..

Maana ke mohabbat ka chupaana hy mohabbat,
Chupke se kisi roz jataany keliye aa..

Jaisy tumhen aaty hen na aany ke bahaany,
Aisy hi kisi roz na jaany keliye aa..

Ahmed Faraz